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Prodigal Songs is a collection of 10 songs.

This album was recorded at the kitchen table, Rozelle, nsw by freddie and mixed and mastered at rolling wheel studios, orange, nsw by Pat O’Donnell

With thanks to Pierre Lumiere, Dave Power, Andy Soffe, Graeme Sandstorm, Kellie O’Donnell, Andy O’Donnell, Trish and Mr. Jones.
Cover Photos by Declan Hogan

All instruments and programming by Freddie, vocals by Freddie and Trish White

Vocals by Dave Power and Pierre Lumiere on track 5

All tracks copyright Freddie White (imro 2016), except...
track 2 (emi april music inc)
track 5 ( pierre lumiere apra 2016 )
track 7 (swallow turn music)
track 8 (big ears music inc )
track 10 (trish white imro 2016)

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 Prodigal Songs
  Track list
1  Pool Of Love
(Freddie White)
2  Magnolia Wind
(Guy Clarke)
3  Jack Of All Winds
(Freddie White)
4  Dear Life (Saving Mr Jones)
(Freddie White)
5  Serve Cold With A Dirty Fork
(Pierre Lumiere)
6  Some Stupid Song
  (Freddie White)
7  Two Of Me, Two Of You
(Jackson Browne)
8  If You Don't Want My Love
(John Prine/Phil Spector)
9  Last man Standing (1916-2016)
  (Freddie White)
10  Do You See Me Now (For  
 Elizabeth O'Farrell, 1884-1957)
  (Trish White)
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