Freddie White is a masterful guitar player, singer-songwriter and interpreter of songs who has captivated audiences in Ireland and beyond with his emotive performances. With a career spanning decades, Freddie continues to be a luminary in the music industry, leaving an indelible mark on those who have the privilege of experiencing his live shows.

Born in Cobh, County Cork, by age thirteen Freddie was playing in school bands and by seventeen playing professionally. At nineteen, he moved to London, where he busked in subways, and developed his unique voice and guitar style.
In 1974, he was a founding member of ‘Scullion’, together with Philip King and Sonny Condell. Later he formed ‘The Fake’, regarded as one of the seminal Irish bands of the late ‘70’s. Next came The Freddie White Band formed in 1978, which toured with Eric Clapton that year.
His first album, Live on Tour, recorded by Nicky Ryan while touring with Clannad, brought him national attention. His second album, Do You Do, was the biggest selling Mulligan Label album of 1981. With these early albums, Freddie introduced an eclectic repertoire of music, which spanned musical genres and eras, to an Irish audience.
Long Distance Runner was launched in 1985, and it featured original songs such as ‘Goodbye This Time’, ‘Down Without A Fight’, and the hit single ‘Frozen Heart’, which was co-written with Johnny Duhan. His fourth album, ‘Close To You’ continued this trend, with most of the songs self-penned. In 1994, he released Straight Up, a collection of fourteen songs recorded live.
My Country was released in Ireland in May 1999. A collection of eleven songs co-written with Ann O’Sullivan and based on the poetry of Don O’Sullivan. The album was co-produced by Freddie and Declan Sinnott, renowned for his work as producer and arranger with Sinead Lohan, Frances Black and Mary Black and as lead guitarist with Horslips and Moving Hearts.
In May 2002 the 2-CD set Lost and Found was released, comprising digitally re-mastered versions of two of Freddie’s best selling early albums, albums, namely, Live on Tour and Do You Do, under the watchful eye of original producer PJ Curtis. The re-release was warmly welcomed not only by the many whose original vinyl copies had long since worn out, but also by those who delighted in discovering these classic recordings.

Released in 2008, Stormy Lullaby, is a stunning collection of moody tracks in which Freddie White’s musicianship and voice shine through. The album has an acoustic feel thanks to the input of a small, tight group of musicians from his native Cork.
‘Stormy Lullaby’ is a collection of eleven songs. Some tracks are newly written, while others (not previously recorded by Freddie) have proven their worth by becoming firm favourites with his live audiences.
‘Stormy Lullaby’ showcases what Freddie does best – that is ‘get inside’ and deliver heartrending, troubled love songs in a manner guaranteed to stop you in your tracks. It is often said of Freddie that he does not merely ‘cover’ great songs; more often than not he improves on the originals.
In 2012, the album Here With You was released. It introduces Trish Hickey, now Trish White, and is a collection of songs from some of their favourite writers. The album was recorded in Ireland and Australia
Freddie’s 2014 album, Better Days, is a collection of 10 original songs..all but one written by Freddie and his wife Trish. The exception “Down Without a Fight” also written by Freddie, appeared on the album “Long Distance Runner” 1985.
The album was recorded in Sydney, Australia where Freddie and Trish now live.
Prodigal Songs is a collection of 10 songs.
This album was recorded at the kitchen table, Rozelle, NSW by Freddie and mixed and mastered at Rolling Wheel Studios, Orange, New South Wales, Australia.

One Heart Beating is Freddie’s 14th album. Recorded by top engineer, Brian Masterson,. is essentially a live gig in the Mill theatre in Dundrum, S. Dublin, but without an audience.
This accomplished two things – a next to a perfect setting in one of Freddie’s favourite venues and a little more control – meaning he could choose from a few takes of each song.
One Heart Beating – a collection of 12 songs, released in 2018
After 7 years living in Sydney and New York, Trish and Freddie have returned home to live in Ireland.