One Heart Beating

(Little Don Records 2018)

Track list

1 That Lovin’ Touch (White)
2 Real Emotional Girl (Newman)
3 Ashes to Ashes (Bowie)
4 Rocky Mountain Tme (Prine)
5 Gran Torino (Wastwood/Eastwood/Stevens/Cullum)
6 Pool of Love (White)
7 Nothing Compares To You (Prince)
8 Everybody Knows But Me (Winchester)
9 Goodnight Saigon (Joel)
10 The Sound of Crying (Mcaloon)
11 Brief Nameless Treasure (O’Sullivan/White)
12 Going Going Gone (Dylan)


Freddie’s been playing live over the years but never (mostly) got around to recording a gig.

So, engineer, Brian Masterson, and he, did the next best thing. They set up a live gig in the Mill theatre in Dundrum, S. Dublin, but without an audience.

This accomplished two things – a next to a perfect setting in one of Freddie’s favourite venues and a little more control – meaning he could choose from a few takes of each song.

The result is Freddie’s 14th album, ‘One Heart Beating’ – a collection of 12 songs.