The founding line-up of a band that continues to this day.
From left. Sonny Condell, Eamonn Doyle, Philip King, myself, Mick Daly and Dan Fitzgerald. This band was formed around Sonny, in my opinion a national treasure of songwriting, much under-appreciated. Started off as an anarchic jam on a Sunday night in Toners of Baggott street in Dublin and basically continued and finished up (this line-up) in the same vein, although we did a little touring. Sonny and Philip eventually re-formed the band with Greg Boland and sometimes Robbie Brennan on drums.
The present day line-up is Sonny, Philip and Robbie Overson. Philip also works in music video, famously producing Binging it all Back Home in recent years. Mick and myself did a two hander in Toners for a while before he went on to form Any Old Time and The Lee Valley String Band. He also played guitar with Mary Black and “Four Men and a Dog”. Dan went on to become one of Ireland’s foremost sound engineers. Don’t know where Eamonn is.