1978 From left: Myself, TJM Tutty (bass), John Ryan(keyboards), Pete Cummins,(guitar) Matt Kellegan(drums). Well received band at the time. Released one single only, Green Light written by John, b-side Down on Main written by Tony Coughlan. This was actually the second edition of the band, the earlier attempt having fallen apart. This edition lasted I think about a year. John had been a member of Granny’s Intentions. He now lives in Athlone and works in theatre. Pete Cummins went on to form the Fleadh Cowboys. Matt joined Moving Hearts. TJM lives in Wicklow and has played with many outfits over the years. Lost touch with Pete and Matt in recent years. Believe it or not, this is the only photo I have. It’s from a scrapbook my mother kept of all my doings which I only discovered after she died. The picture is a page from Starlight magazine dated 9/2/78. I’d love to have the original and any others that might be out there.